June 18th, 2009



What fictional character do you most identify with?
I would say it's St.John Allerdyce/Pyro from X-Men. Well, more the Pyro from the movies.
We both have a strange obsession with fire. Okay, I don't go out and light everything I see. But I love to watch a fire burn and see it's power.
Trouble always seems to find him and he tries to play every single thing in his life by ear.
Although he's just himself and tries to control himself and his powers, he's hated by others. Just being different is obviously reason enough to be hated.
In the end, he just walks away from the people who - as it seems - don't like him and joins "the other side". You could say the same about me. My classmates are bulling me and I'm just sick and tired of it. I never did anything wrong. They just hate me because I'm there and have no interest in being like them. Normaly, I like being myself and would never change for somebody else. SO I'm leaving this fucking school but I hope my "change" ends in a better way than Pyro's did...